Membership Perks


United Women in Business Foundation (UWIB) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the professional and personal development of women across all industries. UWIB’s mission is to foster success for its members by providing educational programs, mentorship and networking connections, and leadership and growth opportunities. It’s free to join and just requires a quick, 5-minute sign-up form.

UWIB provides an opportunity for women in the Chicago, New York, and Washington, D.C. metro areas to join a network of peers while continuing their professional education through seminars, workshops, panel discussions, and other events throughout the year designed to broaden knowledge and provide access to relevant industries and current information. Members have exclusive access to events ranging from female-focused community outreach to members-only events, such as the unique UWIBrunch series.

In addition to tools and resources for professional development, UWIB provides members with opportunities for personal growth through singular and ongoing philanthropy opportunities, which are often educational or female-focused.

Privileges of Membership

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